As indicated in THE INTRODUCTION the bulk of the material to be sorted consisted of the children's drawings, the photographs taken of their productions (including paintings and almost everything that was made of clay and cardboard) along with the accompanying words and stories. Most of this is on five by eight inch index cards. And the majority of it belongs to the children in the DAY UNIT although also included is all that was produced by the children in the nursery, in the special school and in the primary school in which I worked during the Special Education course.   

Each index card has on it a photograph of a tray construction and the words the child chose to describe it. Sometimes these words were more of a story than a description. And of the thirty three children who did make use of the room in the Unit there were some who made frequent and prolonged visits and who produced numerous trays and constructions.  As a result, in some cases, a significant number of index cards exist. All the index cards are now safely stored and boxed.

More on how the photographs and some of the other material was sorted can be seen on the following page.