As the number of CUSTTAD rooms in SOUTH LANARKSHIRE increased we tried - apart from insisting on the necessary materials for a well functioning facility -to make the rooms look as similar as possible. Children would, as a consequence. be able to go to any room and have much the same experience. We achieved this in part with the relatively inexpensive option of having the walls painted the same colour.  And our chosen colour was POTTER'S PINK which had been used during a repainting of the original CUSTTAD room in the DAY UNIT.

Potter's Pink is available as a Dulux Heritage Paint and is described as follows: 'this subtle pink was derived from oxides that produced a variety of shades similar in appearance to dry lime plaster. It was used by fresco painters and similar colours are found in the interior schemes of Robert Adam.


One of my favourite ever photographs was taken more than thirty years after working in the nursery in BC. The building which had housed the nursery was now derelict but it was amazing to find that,  in the interim, the walls had been painted pink - a very similar pink to the one we were using for the CUSTTAD rooms.